How long will my pod take to make?
The normal lead time for a pod is between 6 & 8 weeks from the time that the deposit has been taken. This lead time however is subject to change as we receive firm commitments on orders and can increase (April to July is Peak Season) or decrease depending on current demand. For a more accurate ‘current’ leadtime, please contact us direct.

Are your trailers approved for use on the Road?
Caterpods hold full European Vehicle Type Approval issued by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). When purchasing a trailer always ensure that it either has an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) Approval issued by VOSA, or that it holds full UK / European Type approval – ask your Manufacturer for more details. For more details on imported trailers check out the article in our “News” page on the website.
Where can I get a current price list?
Price lists can be requested from us by completing the website contact form. Price lists are accurate at the time of issue, however Manufacturers’ / Distributors’ prices can fluctuate, so equipment prices are not confirmed until the deposit invoices are raised.
Can I arrange a viewing to check the Pods out for myself?
Yes of course. Viewings are offered and arranged on an appointment basis. We have a showroom with a Demonstration Pod at our premises and can show uou around and what to expect in return for your investment.
Where are you located?
We are located in South Gloucestershire and our address can be found on the ‘Contact Page’ or in the ‘Footer’.
How much deposit is required to secure the booking and what about the final balance?
We request a 30% deposit to secure the booking and this initial payment covers any equipment to be ordered by us and commitments on your bespoke interior build. With regards to the balance all that we ask is that funds are cleared in our account before the Pod is taken away.
Do you offer finance?
We are not regulated to offer Finance directly, however we do have a relationship with a Finance company that we can put you in touch with. Please contact us for further details.
Do you provide certificates for Gas & Electric installations?
Yes all of our pods are supplied with both Electric & Gas (where required) certificates. We only use Gas Safe Registered Engineers for our Gas installations and the certificate will satisfy all Pitch requirements.
What Warranties do you offer?
In addition to the standard 1 year warranty on the General Build and the warranty offered by Equipment Manufacturers, as a mark of quality & assurance we offer a 10 year anti corrosion warranty on all of our chassis’.
Shall I go for Gas or Electric Equipment?
Choosing the power set up for your pod is essential and we can assist you with the considerations. Gas equipment is typically higher in start up cost, however major cooking and heating appliances such as griddles, hobs, fryers, water boilers etc do require a lot of power, so if you choose the Electric route you need to consider the size of generator required to power the equipment.
What size generator do I need?
Specific advice is best sought directly from the Generator Manufacturer / Distributor, however a simple way to consider this is to total up the power ratings from every piece of electrical equipment you are thinking about, add 20% to cover spikes / surges from the equipment and then look at Generators capable of providing this amount of power on a ‘continuous output’. You may be surprised to find that generators above a 3kva rating are quite heavy & cumbersome and as it will not be possible to carry these inside the pod, you will need to consider how to transport it.
What if I need to buy spare parts?
All of the parts that we use to Manufacture Caterpods are purchased right here in the UK and available ‘off the shelf’ making replacement part purchase straight forward. All of our Suspension and Running Gear (Manufacturers such as Knott, AL-KO – both used extensively in the Caravan Industry) is supplied by one of the UK’s largest retailers of trailer parts and they have branches all over the country.
Do you offer Servicing?
We offer a full service here at our premises, however we recognise that it is not always convenient to bring the pods back to us directly so we have designed the pods to make servicing straight forward and possible by any trailer company.
Can the artwork for my pod be completed by Caterpods?
Yes, once we are at the deposit paid stage if you require graphics we will put you onto our graphics team who will contact you to discuss any brief you have for the external artwork of your pod.
Do I need to provide a brief to the designer for the artwork?
The brief can be minimal and the team can build an idea for you from very little information, however the more info you can provide, the less time they will need to spend on your project and therefore the less money it will cost you. That said the design rates are very competitive and even a complete design made up from a minimal brief will not make up a large part of your build costs.
Can I see what the artwork will look like before it is printed?
Yes, the artwork will be supplied on proofs as part of the design package. Only when final sign off is secured will we print & fit.
Can I supply the artwork for you to print and fit onto the pod?
Yes, the artwork can be supplied ‘print ready’ to us then there are no design work fees charged. If there are minor tweaks to be made to the artwork by our designer then these will be charged accordingly.
How much does the vinyl and fitting cost?
We do have a price list with a break-down of the cost of graphics that we can email across to you. Please complete the contact form on the website to request this.
What are the dimensions of the Caterpods?
Interior & exterior dimensions for both of our models can be found on the Website by selecting either the “3m Pod” or “2.4m Pod” pages located under the “Products” menu.

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