Brought to you by Caterpods

Pizza Trailer pods are brought to you by Caterpods.
Recognising the need for a page dedicated to Pizza Trailers, this page provides more detail on what is on offer when purchasing a dedicated unit. From the standard Specification that includes an Alfa 5 Minuti Wood burning Pizza Oven, additional equipment can also be considered such as extra fridge or freezer space, dedicated hot and cold running water handwash facilities and more.

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About Pizza

Pizza Trailer Pods are part of the Caterpod Brand and Manufactured by Leisure Pods Ltd who are based in Alvington, South Gloucestershire.

Whether it is Consumers for the taste, or traders for the High Profit Margins, Pizzas are loved by most. With demand high and Organisers looking for Top Quality Attractive Trailers, this Pod is the ideal solution to help you Stand Out From the Crowd.

We offer as standard a Pizza Trailer Pod that has an Alfa 5 Minuti Pizza oven at its core and is capable of achieving high output.

Typical benefits of this Pod include:

  • A classy look that helps you stand out from your competition
  • Better chances of securing pitches at Events as Organisers favour Attractive Units
  • Lightweight and easily tow-able with a car - no need to invest in a different vehicle to tow it 
  • Easy to manage regardless of Age or Gender
  • High output capacity
  • Opportunities to incorporate other products to supplement Pizzas

Whether you are looking for the standard Pizza Trailer Pod, or a solution that incorporates other products, we can help configure your Pod to suit you.  Contact us today and enjoy a professional friendly service.

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