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Coffee Trailer Pod

Based on our experience of working with other traders our Standard Pod is based on the Fracino Contempo 2 Group Dual Fuel machine (Dual Fuel machines are set up in such a fashion that the water boiler within the machine can run from either Gas or Electric.  Running from Gas reduces reliance on electric power required and means that the system can be run from a supplementary 12volt battery and quality inverter.  Please contact us for more details regarding this if required).

If you would prefer a different machine to the Fracino model detailed here, or would like to modify any part of the package (inc graphics), please just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate.

Standard specification:

· Lightweight Designer Gas Bottle Cover to take 2 x 19kg LPG Bottles including;  Bottle Restraints, Auto Changeover Regulator, Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket
· Additional Table Running Under Main Window

· Fracino Contempo 2 group Dual Fuel Auto
· Macap MXDL Chrome on Demand Grinder

· Iceking RL111AP2 92ltr fridge
· Flojet pump with 3/8” fitment
· 1000W Pure sinewave inverter
· Standard accessories package
· Deluxe battery box with 12v socket & led readout
· 110ah Leisure battery
· Gas installation kit
· 3 x 20ltr containers
· 1 x 10ltr container
· 1 x 5ltr container
· Installation by Chris @ Espresso Tec UK
· Twin sinks with manual pump tap
· Simple Graphics Package including Serving Hatch, Lower Front Panel, Gas Box & Interior Wall 50%
· Design Support