Fed up with the boxy looking Catering Trailers? Looking for something Funky, Fresh & different to make you Stand out from the Crowd?

Here at Caterpods we specialise in providing innovative Catering Solutions that are fully tailored to suit your style and your brand.  Through the use of professional paint work provided by a local Automotive paint shop and our excellent Graphics service provided by Essential GFX, we help create you a pod that will set you aside from the competition


Consumer choice is hugely affected by style and Presentation.  Typical 'Food vans / Trucks' carry a stigma that can often put off consumers so it is vital that your product & service are presented to the Customer in the right manner.

Our Customer experience has proved that people are attracted to the pods for their style and quirkiness and as such results in increased sales.  Talk to any of our Customers and you will find that Consumer feedback is extremely positive for their pods and often new Customers are won by an initial desire to come over and see what they are about.